Kamis, 17 April 2014

Padma Hotel Bandung

Its been a long time not writing something here, because i'm too lazy to tell a story. :p 
So last month i had business trip to bandung with Bank Indonesia and stayed in Padma hotel for three days and two night. This is first time for me to visited Padma Hotel. My first impression is wonderful, the view is really amazziiinggg, beautiful and marvelous. And when i came in to my room is really beautiful to see that the view from my window is the hills is perfect! The hotel have breakfast and tea time in the afternoon. So when i arrived at 2 p.m. the receptionist called that they served afternoon tea from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. the food is really delicious they served most of sundanesse food and indonesian traditional cookie for after noon tea. For breakfast they served indonesian food and western also. All is deliciooooousssssss!!! If i had a lot of money i definitely will come back when i visit bandung and stay at Padma because i think the cost is too pricey for me. Hehehehe. 

I never thought that i will stay in five star hotel without paid. This is not my first time to stay at five star hotel, i stayed at mulia hotel when my dad had business trip and stay for three nights they also have amazing room and breakfast. But i feel different when i stay at padma, i feel like "oh my God this what my dad said, that someday i will stay in five star hotel without paid" i feel blessed. Because my dad always say that i must study hard when i was at school to become like him, travel across the city, country and the company paid for you because you are smart, and you will have a good position. Even though i'm not smart and also i'm "kacung" in my company but now i realize that he's so true! Thanks dad for always teach me how to be a tough girl.

PS: Now i'm preparing something for my......yayyyy! :p